Battery Curtain & Tubular Motors

Our battery operated curtain and tubular motors (for roller blinds & roman blinds) are wireless, providing a convenient way to motorize your curtains and blinds. No additional wiring for supplying power to the motor.

Only requires charging once every 6 months.

Toyama Battery Operated Curtain Motor

Don't have special wiring for your curtain motors? No worries, our Toyama battery operated curtain motor allows you to motorize your curtains without additional wiring. No need to damage your walls or add unpleasant trucking for wires to motorize your curtains.

Toyama Motor (1).jpg

Meijo Battery Operated Tubular Motor

Motorize your blinds without the additional hassle of wiring for your blinds. Our Meijo battery operated tubular motor provides a convenient solution when it comes to motorizing blinds.

Meijo Motor.jpg