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Battery tubular motor

Battery Roller blinds & Roman blinds motor Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Riyadh, UAE & KSA

Technical Specifications


  • Diameter : 25 mm

  • Length : 440 mm 


Electrical Characteristics

  • Input : 8 V DC

  • Current : 0.53 A

  • Power: 4.67 W

Mechanical Characteristic​​

  • Torque : 1.1 Nm

  • Speed : 40 rpm

  • Maximum Load Capacity: 5.6 kg      

Additional Details

  • Overheat Protection : 4 minutes

  • Weight : -------

  • Radio Frequency Technology : RTS-DC

  • Protection Standard :IP44

*The guarantee does not apply on the battery

Product Features

RF Remote Control

The motor has integrated radio reciever which is compatible with all series of Fujikawa Japan emitters, which allows both individual and group control.

Super quiet design

Noise from friction and internal vibrations are kept to below 30dB through intelligent engineering and precision manufacturing.

Home automation compatibility

The motor is compatible with most dry-contact systems and RS232/S485, IR etc.
Note: Always check with an authorised Fujikawa Japan motors distributor to verify compatibility

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