Takamatsu-1214 Electric Curtain Motor

Add an electric motor to your curtains and control you curtains remotely.

Manual Operation

The curtain automatically switches to Manual Mode when there is a loss of power. In this mode the curtain can be dragged to open and close.

Home automation compatibility

The motor is compatible with most dry-contact systems and RS232/S485, IR etc.
Note: Always check with an authorised Fujikawa Japan motors distributor to verify compatibility

Heavy Duty accessories

The Heavy-duty curtain belt has been designed to perform for at least 15,000 cycles, which equals 20 years service life at minimum based on an average use of two cycles per day

Product Characteristics

Super quiet design

Noise from friction and internal vibrations are kept to below 30dB through intelligent engineering and precision manufacturing.

Smooth Operation

The motor accelerates and decelerates gradually when starting and stopping respectively. This allows the curtain to open and close gracefully.

Smart Limits/Auto-calibrating Limits

The motor automatically detects and sets the limits of the curtain when it’s first installed. This also allows it to calibrate and maintain the precision of the limits with every open and close.

RF Remote Control

The motor has integrated radio reciever which is compatible with all series of Fujikawa Japan emitters, which allows both individual and group control.

Obstruction Protection

If the curtain is pulled or obstructed while the motor is running, the curtain motor will automatically stop in order to protect the curtain and the motor.

Touch motion (Drag-to-open)

Pulling the curtain gently will trigger the motor to open/close automatically.

Technical Specifications


        Length: 335mm

Electrical Characteristics:

        Input: 110-240 V AC

        Current: 0.14 A

        Power: 13W

Mechanical Characteristics

        Torque: 1.2 Nm

        Speed: 14 cm/s

        Maxiumum load capacity: 50kg

Additional details:

        Overheat protection: 0-50°C

        Weight: 1.4kg

        Radio frequency technology: RTS-TRANSFORMER

        Protection standard: IP20

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